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What are the Uses of LED OT lights?
Our LED OT lights offer options for adjusting various devices in the room as well as video routing technologies designed for video imaging. LED OT lights are important tools in the examination or operating room for a number of medical procedures. It is substantial and has an impact on technique efficacy since medical procedures are complicated.
What is an Anesthesia Cart?
Anesthesia carts are crucial hospital storage equipment for anesthesia tools and regulated medicines. Thus, Melody Medisystem Anesthetic carts are built with a mix of technology and multi-functions to adapt to the special demands of the anesthesia department in order to aid hospital employees in increasing efficiency.
What are the benefits of Baby Warmer?
Baby Warmer is equipment that provides heat to the body. This device assists in maintaining the babys body temperature and limiting the pace of metabolism. Heat tends to go in the direction of the heat gradient, which runs from high to low temperature.
What exactly is a Fetal Monitor and what does it monitor?
Fetal Electronic Monitoring (EFM) is a continuous test that captures the contractions of a pregnant woman as well as the heart rate of the baby. During labour and delivery, it might signify fetal discomfort. Although EFM is commonly used by pregnant, doctors advocate it exclusively for high-risk complications.
What are ICU Hospital Beds?
ICU beds are available. ICU beds are specialized hospital beds utilised in intensive care units to care for patients who are in critical condition. ICU beds from the Melody Medisystem combine excellent ergonomics with innovative technology and simple operation. Our ICU beds provide patients and caregivers with both safety and comfort.
Why a Fogger Machine is Used?
As the name implies, Fogger Machine uses disinfectant sprayed to generate what seems to be fog in the room. It is an efficient method for disinfecting high levels of horizontal surfaces, hard-to-reach regions that are frequently overlooked or ignored, and small and tight spaces such as extractor units.
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